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Die OMCap ist dafür bekannt, dass hochkarätige und internationale Speaker auf die Bühne geholt werden. Hieran soll sich auch in diesem Jahr nichts ändern. So holen wir zum Beispiel den Amerikaner Michael King für Euch auf die OMCap-Bühne. In einem Vorabinterview konnten wir den SEO-Experten bereits kennenlernen. Er ist als Digital Marketing Consultant bei iPullRank tätig. Was er uns über sich selbst und über seine Session bei der OMCap verraten hat, möchten wir Euch nun nicht länger vorenthalten.

OMCap: What are the different working areas/projects you work for?
M. King:
I’ve worked across all verticals on clients of all sizes. I do development, market research, content strategy, content marketing, social media strategy, analytics, optimization and of course SEO. I like to blend all the things to get the best understanding of the users in order to launch campaigns that meet business objectives. I was also the marketing director at my previous agency so I have a lot of hands-on experience executing ideas.

OMCap: What are you expecting of a German internet marketing conference?
M. King:
I’m continually impressed with German culture and the people I come across in the internet marketing space. I appreciate the efficiency and the dedication to technical skills and scalability. I’m expecting to see a lot more of that in action.

ipullrank_241x85OMCap: Could you give us a little sneak-preview what your session will be about?
M. King:
It’s hard to say. The landscape may change considerably between now and October. That said I don’t like to lock myself into a topic that is potentially obsolete. You can expect a good blend technical stuff with marketing stuff.

OMCap: What is your best kept online marketing secret, the ultimate hint?
M. King:
I don’t really have any secrets. The true secret is that I’ve given away a ton of stuff that very few people execute on. So for those of you that can execute at the intersection of marketing and coding there is a ton of untapped value for you in the things that I’ve talked about for years.

OMCap: What haven’t we asked you/ would you like to add anything?
M. King:
I think Andre asked me all of those in our recent video interview.

Ihr möchtet noch mehr über Michael King und seine Erfahrungen herausfinden?
Dann kommt doch einfach zu seiner Session.

Wir bedanken uns ganz herzlichen für das Interview mit Michael!


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