OMCap vom 7. - 9. Oktober 2014 in Berlin

OMCap ConferenceOnline Marketing Conference and Networking Party Berlin

SES Berlin

On 13th October 2011, OMCap (Online marketing capital) will premier as a full day online marketing conference and networking party in Berlin. Curated by Andre Alpar, OMCap will prove to be the most versatile online marketing conference in Germany’s capital with speed networking sessions, exclusive bing workshops, and the second OMCap social party. The event will take place together with SES Berlin, co-operation partner of OMCap 2011.

Over 40 Top Speakers

Three parallel tracks will offer a wide variety of topics with a focus on SEO, SEA, conversion optimization and social media marketing. The conference will provide the opportunity to hear from more than 40 leading experts in the field of online marketing.

Sessions We Offer Include:
• SEA: What do top performers do differently?
• Conversion Optimization: Getting the best out of your website traffic
• SEO: Planning, implementation, and control of internal linking structures
• Affiliate Marketing: how do affiliates, merchants and agencies differ throughout Europe?

Speed Networking - Contacts By the Minute

The OMCap speed networking sessions provide the chance to quickly and effectively increase your resources network. It is the perfect opportunity to build contacts and establish good connections in a short amount of time. Anyone in possession of a conference ticket is automatically granted entry to the networking party.

Exclusive BING Meetings

OMCap 2011 will also present zou with the exclusive chance to get your website analyzed by BING for 30 minutes behind closed doors and to receive priceless tips for improvement. There will be only 7 individual sessions available for application online with the OMCap website.

To stay up to date please check Facebook, XING, LinkedIn and Twitter.

OMCap News

Sponsor Noblego sorgt auch in diesem Jahr wieder für einen entspannten Start in den Abend!

Freitag, 22. August 2014, 10:41 Uhr

Wir freuen uns, auch in diesem Jahr wieder einen Aussteller der besonderen Art auf der OMCap begrüßen zu dürfen. Nach drei Tagen voller Online Marketing Power weiß unser Partner Noblego wie ihr euch am besten entspannen könnt. Die bereits bekannte Zigarrenlounge im Glas-Pavillon vor dem Kosmos wird auch am 09. Oktober nach einem langen Konferenztag wieder […]

Content Strategin von Distilled – Hannah Smith im Interview

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014, 10:09 Uhr

Hannah Smith war 7 Jahre im Offline Marketing tätig, bis eine gute Fee ihr sagte, dass das Internet die Zukunft sei. Heute verbringt sie als Content Strategin für Distilled viel Zeit damit, immer mehr Betriebe davon zu überzeugen, Content online zu erstellen. Content, der die Leute umhaut (für ein oder zwei kostbare Herzschläge), Content, der […]

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