Verstärkung aus den USA: Sean Malseed von SEMrush

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Malseed_semrushGanz im Sinne der von Karl Kratz geforderten Qualitätssicherung auf OM Konferenzen und zur Vermeidung einer gesättigten Besucherschaft, präsentieren wir Euch auf dem Silbertablett ganz frische Experten, die auf deutschen OM Bühnen ihr Debüt feiern werden. Unbekannte Neulinge sind es aber bei weitem nicht, sondern routinierte internationale Speaker, dMalseed_seoquakeie Engagements auf SES, SMX, Pubcon und vielen weiteren Search und Online Marketing Konferenzen weltweit hatten. So auch Sean Malseed, den wir im heutigen Interview vorstellen möchten:

Sean Malseed, Leiter für strategische Entwicklung bei dem amerikanischen SEO/SEM Toolanbieter SEMrush, wird auf der OMCap zum Thema “The Death of Trial and Error” im Zusammenhang mit SEO-Tools und Datenanalyse referieren.

OMCap: What are the different projects you work for?
Sean: I am involved in nearly all facets of the SEMrush tool. I have input on feature set, UX design, and overall direction. I specialize in our API, and I spend a lot of my time speaking with and working with our large data integration partners.

OMCap: What are you expecting of a German Online Marketing Conference?
Sean: I’m especially interested to learn the overall feel and direction of German online marketing. I work with a German database at SEMrush, and I’m curious to learn about how search data is actually used by SEOs and marketers “on the ground” in Germany.

OMCap: Could you give us a little sneak-preview what your session will be about?Sean Malseed
Sean: We speak at many conferences, and there are always great sessions about how to test and optimize your campaigns. However, the audience always invariably asks how to actually get started – it’s great to test and optimize, but how do you actually get to that point? I will talk about how to “steal” your competitors’ experience to start your own campaigns, and eliminate trial and error in the process.

OMCap: What hobbies do you have?
Sean: Although I don’t do any programming at work, it’s still a hobby of mine. I have written apps that are in the iTunes and Google Play store. I also like to hang out with friends, go to bars, and play games. I play guitar, and used to be in bands when I was younger!

OMCap: What haven’t we asked you (and what would you like to answer? ;-))
Sean: How will I get on with the food in Germany? Very well, I think. I’m from Pennsylvania, USA – the heart of the famous Pennsylvania Deutsch area. I’m also a huge fan of bratwurst and beer.

Thanks for your time, Sean! So great to have you on board of the OMCap conference. Be assured, there will plenty of beer in the evening at the OMCap@night Party.

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